Game Accessibility

Please take advantage of our knowledge of accessibility! We offer a lot of information, so please take a quick look at this map !

Why is Game Accessibility Important?– There are a variety of reasons to improve the accessibility of games. Some are related to the user’s quality of life, while others are more important to the publishers and developers of games.

IGDA GA SIG Top 10 – Our top 10 tips for making accessible games (Updated!).

How to Provide Accessibility in Games – A list of various ways to make games more accessible for everyone.

How many need accessibility? – Information from census data about the number of Americans with disabilities, as well as some European data

Email List ArchivesAccess to all the emails sent to the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG email list. Search by month, thread, date, author and more.

Original GA SIG White Paper – The Original SIG White Paper, with information on those with disabilities, accessibility solutions, success cases in games, and additional information

Additional Information – Additional information from SIG members or other accessibility experts.

  • Section 508 Article – The following paper is a draft summary of issues related to Section 508 compliance capabilities of games and game technology.