The IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group

IGDA-GASIG volunteers have worked since 2003 to aid the game industry in making games accessible for all, regardless of impairments or other limitations

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Disabling situations occur due to mismatches between a person’s abilities and the barriers in what they’re interacting with. Many of those barriers are unintended, and unnecessary. Accessibility means avoiding these unnecessary barriers.

Why accessibility matters

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How – If considered early enough a great deal can be accomplished. It can seem daunting at first, but most barriers can be addressed through a couple of basic principles.

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Get involved – Changing the course of an industry isn’t easy. It comes about through weight of numbers all pushing in the same direction.

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Events – A key element of our activities is outreach; efforts to build community and awareness, and share knowledge of good practices.

Recent updates

GDC 2019: Industry Discussions on Game Accessibility

In the second half of March, tens of thousands of industry professionals met in San Francisco for the 33rd edition of the Game Developers’ Conference. Amongst the attendees were hundreds of accessibility professionals, advocates, academics, and students, all working together and…

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