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Changing the course of an industry isn’t easy. It can’t be done by any individual or group, change comes about through weight of numbers all pushing in the same direction. 

Everyone who wants to see accessibility in the games industry advance has the power to make it happen. Accessibility being at a relatively nascent level still means that even small efforts can make a really significant difference.

Whether writing awareness raising articles, producing university course materials, speaking at conferences, developing tools, carrying out academic research, even just having that conversation with a colleague or showing support for that gamer’s request on a forum, there are many valuable ways to contribute.

The SIG itself at any point usually has a number of initiatives on the go; you’re more than welcome to join in or kick off your own, we’ve offered some tips below on doing that. Whether inside or outside the SIG, the industry will benefit from your work.

If you’re looking to find people to collaborate with on advocacy iniatives either independently or under the banner of the SIG, please get in touch via email, mailing list or our discord channel.

Ubisoft devs learning from Josh Straub and Chris "deafgamersTV" Robinson

Advocacy ideas – Suggestions of ways that you can help push accessibility forwards, no matter which part of the industry you are in

Tara Voelker and Mark Friend speaking at GAconf EU

Speaking at conferences – Tips on spreading knowledge at academic and industry events, including advice on making your presentations accessible

Contents page of white paper

SIG initiatives – Some highlights of the SIG’s advocacy and awareness raising work, stretching back to 2004

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Advocacy image credit – Ubisoft