A key element of our activities is outreach; efforts to build community and awareness, and share knowledge of good practices.

Since 2004 we have run a SIG round table at GDC, an open forum for discussion of advances and issues. We also now run two dedicated conferences solely on the topic of game accessibility; one in the USA, and one in Europe.

Our members also take part in a wide range of specialist and generalist conferences, both commercial and academic, doing what we can to spread experiences and practices around the wider industry.

A GDC round table

GDC round table – An open forum for networking and exploration of current issues

GAconf - advancing accessibility for gamers with disabilities

GAconf EU / GAconf USA – Conferences dedicated to the advancement of game accessibility

Tara Voelker and Mark Friend speaking at GAconf EU

Speaking at conferences – Tips on spreading knowledge at academic and industry events, including advice on making your presentations accessible