Conferences dedicated to the advancement of accessibility for gamers with disabilities

GAconf - advancing accessibility for gamers with disabilities

Understanding and implementation of accessibility has been growing at an exponential rate with every year seeing many more developers making their first forays into the field and may more consilidating and building on past experiences.

This progress presented an ideal opportunity to take stock and exchange experiences and expertise. To push accessibility content beyond awareness raisers into finer details of theory, process and implementation. To connect developers to each and to the community, to amplify marginalised voices, and to act as showcase of event accessibility.

Content covers a wide range of topics from all sectors of the industry – indie to AAA, academia to accessibility specialists – and leave with inspiration, new contacts, and practical knowledge of how to ensure their vision is able to reach as wide a range of players as possible, so no player is unnecessarily excluded from the access to culture, recreation and socialising that gaming brings.

Speakers have included PlayStation, Xbox, Miami University, AbleGamers, BBC, London South Bank University, Naughty Dog, the FCC, OneSwitch, MetalPop, Berklee College of Music, HouseHold Games, Electronic Arts, Turn 10, Crystal Dynamics, PlayFab, Warfighter Engaged, Creative Assembly,  SpecialEffect, and a wide range of gamers with disabilties.

GAconf USA

Auditorium watching a panel

The initial edition of the conference, established in 2017 in San Francisco.

GAconf EU

GAconf EU banner on the front of CNAM

Expansion of the conference into Europe, initially Paris then cycling between cities.

For more information including video archives of all previous talks, see the dedicated conference website: