Allow as much time as is needed for text to be read

Allow as much time as is needed for text to be read

Avoid restricting of the amount of time available to read text. If some restriction is unavoidable without impacting the experience for other players, allow a means for those who need to avoid it to reduce or disabled it.

For example, if notifications appear for a short period and disappear, allow the period they are displayed for to be configured, and keep a log of them that can be viewed with no time restraints. If text scrolls past on a ticker, allow this to be paused and/or speed configured.

As well as the obvious benefit to people who have difficulty reading, this is again useful for a wide range of reasons – anyone who might have missed a notification through having looked away, been concentrating on a game, temporarily left the room and so on.

PS4 notifications log

Text in Guacamelee displayed indefinitely until dismissed

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