Speech to text

Speech to text

Automated transcription for any language based input, for example entering a search term, or communicating with team members.

The ability to freely use either text or speech for communication is obviously relevant to CVAA, however it is often requested by people across the gaming demographics, outside of accessibility.

Technology is currently not advanced enough to provide accurate speech to text in a regular game environment, due to the emotion, gaming specific slang and game specific slang involved. However even early versions of text to speech technology are worth making available, such as the Xbox text <-> speech transcription for multiplayer chat debuted in Halo Wars 2. It still allows a way in for friendship groups who know they need to speak in an understandable way.

Another useful stopgap is to require, at a platform cert level, that both text and voice chat must be included at a game level.

Even in fast paced games where typing is less practical, free text is still very useful in lulls in gameplay and in areas such as lobbies, and functionality such as Rocket League and Battlefield’s pre-defined phrases can make text viable even in the most frantic of circumstances. Games such as EVE online and World of Warcraft already have strong community efforts, for example someone serving as an intermediary to manually translate all important team/guild voice chat across to text and vice versa. They just need the options available to be able to do that.

Xbox One platform level text <-> speech transcription

Rocket League providing a free choice of voice chat, free text chat, and predefined text phrases

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