Broadened Horizons has 18 Super Robot Wars One-Handed Controllers in stock new in box

Michelle invited me to post on this blog so I hope this is helpful update to the previous post!

Broadened Horizons (GimpGear) has a very limited quantity (only 18) of the Super Robot Wars One-Handed Controllers in-stock New-In-Box! Perfect for individuals with full dexterity in one hand such as stroke or amputees. Get one before they are gone!

These controllers are no longer manufactured and have become quite difficult to obtain and at high cost. Almost unheard of new in box. However I told a veteran returning from Iraq I would find one for him and did a bit better. Luckily I had a few contacts from back from when I used to teach software quality test automation/verification to development groups at some of the high-tech companies in Tokyo and Seoul prior to my plane crash in 2003.
These are the silver version which offer maximum compatibility. Indistinguishable from the original PS2 controller by most games. Also compatible Also tested compatible with a variety of adapters we have available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, GameCube, and even PC gaming with reprogrammable buttons and dual joystick support! (These controllers are like the DragonPlus RPG DuoCon2 but the D-pad is positioned for left hand thumb, although the controller can be used right-handed.)

Mark Felling – President, GimpGear by Broadened Horizons

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