Attractor accessibility usage statistics

Attractor is a free video game with special accessibility options. In its development development, AccessAble Games decided to use one of the advantages of online games to collect usage statistics to collect accessibility options usage.

These data were collected 3 months after the release of the game and appeared in 418 games web portals.

Has been played for over 350,000 people during this time and of these nearly 3,000 people activated the most used accessibility option: one switch mode.

In the graph that begins this article can be viewed accessibility options sorted by the use they had. In third place is the faster option, because for many people it was a slow game, but right behind is the less speed because the opposite. Among the speed reductions the most commonly used speed was 0.4, the lowest speed option that was offered in the game.

Attractor was developed by  The Game Kitchen with AccessAble Games as accessibility advisor.

You can play it for free at:
Also, you can download it and place on our own web site.

Or just watch a demo video here:

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