Slalom, the Videogame

Wheelchair Slalom is a sport for people with cerebral palsy, in which the players go through a course made up of various obstacles and tests in the shortest time possible.

‘Slalom, the Videogame’ provides an insight into the sport without the need for space, time and personnel required for its practice.

The game recreates Slalom practice in a three-dimensional environment and allows users to manage their profile, selecting characters, wheelchair type, tests and obstacles.

‘Slalom, the videogame’ offers the chance to compete against another player on the same computer, and contains several tutorials that explain the rules and all the obstacles presented.

Some of the game settings designed for accessibility are: general game speed; control with joystick, keyboard or mouse; control sensitivity; closed captions; brightness and color contrast; the games is also available in English and Spanish.

‘Slalom, the Videogame’ has been created by the State Reference Center (CRE) and Disability Unit of San AndrĂ©s de Rabanedo at Leon, Spain. Developed by ‘The Game Kitchen‘ along with ‘AccessAble Games‘ as videogame accesibility specialists.

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