White paper

White paper

The SIG’s first major initiative – “Accessibility in games: motivations and approaches”

Contents page of white paper

When the SIG was formed in 2003 one of the first activities was to send out a developer survey through Gamasutra, asking about the kind of features already found in games. A white paper followed, co-authored by early SIG members Kevin Bierre, Michelle Hinn, Teresa Martin, Michael McIntosh, Tess Snider, Katie Stone and Thomas Westin.

The paper included the survey results, definitions and principles, demographic data, the case for why accessibility matters, examples of the kind of solutions that might be helpful, suggestions of ways forward, and links to useful resources.

After being published in June 2004 the white paper formed the foundation for a great deal of other work; referenced by developers, cited in academic papers, and also informing future SIG work.