SIG initiatives

SIG initiatives

Some highlights of the SIG’s advocacy and awareness raising work, stretching back to 2004

Contents page of white paper

Resources for game developers
SIG guidelines, top 10, poster, and more

Establishing an industry conference solely on the topic of accessibility

Website refresh
Phase 1 is now complete, but some legacy content needs reworking and/or replacing. if you’re interested in helping out please get in touch via mailing list, email or discord

Ways for the game accessibility community to find each other, share knowledge, and collaborate

Improved switch accessibility on mobile devices
Successyful lobbying for upgrades to iOS to better support gaming with accessibility switch hardware

Platform accessibility recommendations
Recommendations for accessibility of hardware and operating systems

Open educational resources (WIP)
A curriculum framework for teaching about game accessibility

Global Game Jam
Using game jams as a way to spread awareness and experience of accessibility

Accessibility categories in awards
Public facing industry recognition of developer efforts

Accessibility criteria in funding programmes
Encouraging accessibility through making it a condition of receiving grant funding

Workshops, exhibits and talksĀ 
Raising awareness and educating at at conferences and other industry & academic events

White paper
The SIG’s first major initiative – “Accessibility in games: motivations and approaches”