Unified design of accessible games

Unified design of accessible games

This module introduces a method for designing accessible games


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About this open educational resource

This OER module was created by Thomas Westin 2018, based upon research by Grammenos, Savidis, & Stephanidis [1]. The use of the method is here also for games that are not universally accessible. Thanks to Dimitris Grammenos for feedback. Thanks to Doug McInnes for the Asteroids remake. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please contact the OER author: thomasw@dsv.su.se

Accessibility considerations

Source files

If you would like to improve the OER you are more than welcome to contribute. For this OER, you may request the Camtasia project files from the OER author (which is too big to put on the web server).


[1] Grammenos, D., Savidis, A. & Stephanidis, C. 2007. Unified Design of Universally Accessible Games.  Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Applications and Services, 2007. 607-616.

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