Global Game Jam

The Game Accessibility Challenge is a competition sponsored by the International Game Developers Association Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (IGDA GA SIG) as part of Global Game Jam. The goal of this competition is to raise awareness of features and design choices that can be implemented to improve the gaming experience for gamers with disabilities.

Participation in the competition is completely voluntary and as easy as filling out a simple score sheet. It is not expected that any of the entries received will implement all the requested features. The competition is more about raising awareness and general education on game accessibility.

Check out former particpants and winners in the submenus of this page.

For more information, please download the attached PDF to read the rules, prizes, and scoring.

Global Game Jam Accessibility Challenge Informational Packet

Global Game Jam Accessibility Challenge Score Sheet

If you are interested in starting a accessibility challenge at your local chapter, please contact your local SIG representative or email Tara Voelker at