OZNAKI Project

Non-vocal disabled user of PLUSMINUS via prototype Talking Communicator. The prototype was based on the Poly-88, which was in 1976 the first Intel 8080 microcomputer with built-in graphics.The OZNAKI Project was an educational robotics project inspired by the MIT LOGO Project. The project, which ran from 1975-84, used the very earliest micromputers, including the Australian Poly-88 (in 1976+), TRS-80 (1977+) and Apple II (1978 +).

The Educational aim was the enhancement of mathematical abilities, however, the project evolved to cover enabling technology for disabled users. This included possibly the earliest use of accessibility switches with computers. Learn more on their pioneering “Computer Communication Access and Programming by Severely Disabled Project” at the OZNAKI Project web-page. Perhaps the year zero of switch accessible gaming?

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