Xbox 360 Voice Recognition Controller

Xbox 360 Voice Recognition Controller Also worth pointing out that have posted a great D.I.Y. guide for creating a voice activated controller for the Xbox 360 (although it could easily be adapted to work on most other consoles). There’s a very clear YouTube video demonstration here.

I would bet that this will work alongside most accessible Playstation 2 controllers using an XFPS 360 adapter. Voice control would make a lot of sense when used with a switch interface where people can tailor build a set-up to suit themselves. LEPMIS can supply such an interface already, with the possibility of fitting specialist analogue controls.

As a side note, I’ve just received a component reportedly needed to get my PS2-SID working on Xbox 360 and hopefully other consoles. Fingers crossed time!

Via: Tim Chase at IGDA GASIG Mailing List

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