Making Console Games More Comfortable With Cheats

Making Games More Comfortable: Cheats Thanks to work I’m doing with Special Effect, I’ve had recent access to games console cheat disks from Datel for the first time. These are something I’ve rather foolishly overlooked for the past long-time.

To use you insert a cheat disk into your console (I’ve tried a Playstation 2 and a Wii in GameCube mode) – find your game from a long list – then tick the boxes next to the cheats you want such as infinite health, unlock everything, giant jumps and so on. When ready – you hit START, swap disks with your desired game – then play.

I’ve uploaded some useful basic Cheats information at the Accessible Gaming Shop but the short of it is – I can recommend these highly to those struggling with games on the Playstation 2 and Gamecube. I must contact Datel and thank them…

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