Microsoft Aren’t Listening!

Microsoft Aren't Listening! - Image of a grinning Chimpanzee with it's fingers in it's ears. ….and nor are Sony and Nintendo, but one at a time…

I’m getting really fed up with Microsoft’s restrictive attitude to controllers on the Xbox 360. Some years back, when Microsoft were forming their console world domination master-plan, they decided it would be wise to put blocks on 3rd parties creating controllers for their console without their say so. A money making ploy. The result today is a pitiful choice of alternative controllers – perhaps the worst for any console I’ve seen in the past 20 years.

Microsoft later started to show a little recognition of this, stating that they “need to bring more people in” with more accessible controllers. So far, all I can see is an arcade stick that won’t work on most 360 games and some rip-off BUZZ controllers that have been used with quiz games.

There has been a ray of hope in the form of an unofficial Playstation controller adapter, called the XFPS 360 or XFPS Sniper from non-approved XCM. It’s a good device in my experience, allowing you to connect many of the huge range of Playstation controllers that are available. Unfortunately it is very expensive and requires a wired controller (to get around Microsoft’s anti-non-approved controller circuitry). So you are looking at about £80/$160/100 Euros just to be able to use an alternative controller that might work for you.

What’s worse is in Microsoft deliberately trying to put a stop to this with their latest wired controllers. According to Play-Asia – this adapter “Does not work with latest Xbox360™ wired controller model X811616-005 “.

Plus points for the Xbox 360 come in a recent price drop – but what use is that to the many people that can’t play on one? Solutions? If Microsoft could bring out an official Playstation controller adapter for £20/$40/25 Euros that doesn’t need a wired controller – all would be forgiven! But do they care?

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