2008 Retro Remakes Competition

Retro Remakes 2008 Competition. Image of arcade games Berzerk and Centipede glowing brightly.“The Official 2008 Retro Remakes Competition will be launched on September the 1st, 2008. Very. Good. News! Can’t say too much this side of September, apart from to say that I’m very excited and hopeful. Oh, and to direct you to the official Retro Remakes announcement here…”

“Last time, the good folks round [Retro Remakes] parts managed to not only write an absolute ruck of fantastic games, but also came out with the most accessible game outside of academia. Who knows what sort of brilliant madness will emerge from this years? I don’t, but I’m sure as heck looking forward to finding out.”

Via: OneSwitch.org.uk Blog and Retro Remakes

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