Strange Attractors 2

Strange Attractors 2 by Ominous Development, is looking fantastic. It’s the follow up to one of the finest one button games ever – Strange Attractors. This time around two switches are needed (emulating the left mouse click and the right mouse click) – and a powerful PC (mine isn’t up to the job sadly).

Your controls enable activation of positive or negative gravitational forces in nearby floating objects in order to manipulate your orb about the screen. Take a look at the video clip above for an idea of what you need to do. It’s looking very nice indeed, and has already been nominated for an award at’s PAX-10.

The game has a one button menu system that kicks in after about 5 seconds. For one button gamers – team play may be the solution (one player has positive gravity control, the second negative). I’m also wondering straight away if a 4Noah profile could be used to make this game one-switch compatible. I’ll keep you posted.

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