COGAIN – Eye Tracker Game Competition

COGAIN - Eye Tracker Game Competition - Image from NASA 'Eye of God'. In a little bit of synchronicity with the Retro Remakes “Game For Helen” category, COGAIN have just launched their own Eye Tracker game competition: “Power of Gaze“.

COGAIN (COmmunication by GAze INteration) have a short list of previously submitted eye-tracker games and ‘leisure applications’ on-line. The main restriction is that you need to be a student or a group of students in order to submit a game. Student’s of Life should be able to apply too, surely?

[update: 18.9.08] – COGAIN have opened up the competion as follows: “Any student (undergraduate or graduate) or non-commercial participant (not a student but not a professional either) may enter the competition”. Excellent!

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