Default Controls Suck is a great campaigning accessible gaming site best described by themselves:

“The lack of support for alternative controls in the modern gaming world is becoming a major concern for many console gamers. With first and third person shooting games in particular, many gamers miss out on numerous great titles due to the omission of Southpaw, Legacy and other alternate control styles.

Why do some developers provide alternate control schemes while others don’t? Which games offer additional control schemes and customization? These are question that resulted in the need for a website dedicated to keeping gamers informed on the use of alternative controls in gaming. is focused on keeping readers up to date on this issue to prevent gamers from the disappointment of purchasing or renting games that they can’t control comfortably. We offer comprehensive lists and current news on this growing concern in the gaming industry that is being neglected by many developers and game reviewers.

In essence, the mission is simple: Keeping Southpaw, Legacy and Customizable Game Controls Alive.”

They also do T-shirts! Found via the forum.

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