Visually impaired players: The unseen inhabitants of Azeroth

Great post over at Linsy Smith writes about the visual disabled and World of Warcraft. She says

But there’s a catch. Like me, Elfly is disabled. I’m a VIP (disabled shorthand for visually impaired person) and she’s (in her own words) a blindy (shorthand for, well, a blind person). This means we play with our noses touching the screen and get lost. A lot. To give you an example for what the world (in-game or real) is like for me, nip to your nearest Azerothian tavern and quaff flagons of mead until you get completely smashed and the screen goes all blurry, alternatively just click here. Anyway, between the pair of us, we’re so blind that we both think Blizzard should insert white canes and guide dogs in patch 3.3’s game files. Though, given the game setting, maybe that should be an ornate white staff of sightlessness and a guide wolf?

She goes on to write about the issue at great length and is a great must read.

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