Reconfiguring Controls without Barriers

Image of The Near Future Lab's Playstation ControllerThis looks promising. The Near Future Laboratory created a way to control a Playstation via Ardunio circuitry. Does this mean that a PC could be used to control a Playstation? I’ve long hoped for something like Sensory Software’s “The Grid 2” running on a PC/Mac having the ability to support disabled people to play games console games.

I like the idea of being able to connect and mix up what ever methods of control you need, then having software assist you with controls you struggle with, to play games on any modern games console. And why stop there? Why not anything you can interface with in a wireless manner.

Game developers in the main seem to remain ignorant as to the importance of offering a way for gamers to reconfigure their controls. Annoying. This sort of thing could offer a real solution for many.

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