AbleGamers sits down with Chris Sigaty Lead Producer of Starcraft II

Blizzcon was a flurry of information on all of the newest upcoming titles from Blizzard. AbleGamers was there covering all the action for all of our disabled gamers across the world asking the questions you want to hear. AbleGamers own Sheryl Flynn, Mark Barlet, and Steve Spohn sat down with Chris Sigaty lead producer from Starcraft II.

After the lovely but short Sheryl was able to reach up to put the microphone on the taller than average sized Chris, we began the interview.

AbleGamers asks if the interface will continue to be point-and-click like the original Starcraft. Chris Sigaty answered yes, but there will be enhancements available through the keyboard such as grouping units together but the majority of the interface will be accessible via the mouse.

Mark asked if there be sensitivity settings for mouse speed and camera speed. Sigaty responded that many of the settings will be saved online but due to the nature of various systems being completely different, not every setting will be available and saved but many will be saved online. Even if they are not saved online, there will be sensitivity sliders in game. No word on whether there will be an editable file to increase the speed beyond the slider.

Remappable keys are incredibly important feature for all disabled gamers, yet surprisingly the current build of Starcraft II does not include configurable keys. Chris expresses that the team would very much like the ability to be put back on the list before shipping and thinks that it is highly likely to make the cut.

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