Retro You’re Brand New

William Pilgrim has created a 4Noah utility aimed at making a number of Atari VCS (aka 2600) games playable with the SPACE BAR alone. Set an accessibility switch to this and you can make games, that were never designed to be, one-switch accessible.

Asteroids can be played in a few different ways. One way would be where you tap your switch to adjust your aim whilst auto-fire is locked on. It can also be played as a game of chicken, with your switch set to hyperspace, whilst 4Noah VCS triggers constant firing and rotation.

Bowling with 4Noah VCS allows you to aim, throw and even adjust your aim once the ball has been thrown.

Combat allows you to battle with Bi-planes or Jets using a single switch against a second human opponent.

Space Invaders allows you to play alone one-switch style and even co-operatively with a second player helping you to destroy the invaders.

All this doesn’t just open up previously inaccessible games to some disabled gamers. It also offers a fun way to bring a new challenge to old games. For more late 70’s early 80’s nostalgia I’ve knocked up a little accompanying Spotify music playlist. For more William Pilgrim work, please visit the fledgling 4Noah Laboratory.

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