Top 10 One-Switch Games: 2000-09

Image of Aurikon a one-switch space shoot-em-up.I like one-switch games, you may have noticed. Satisfying the list-making-retentive in me, here’s my personal top 10 one switch games of the last decade, 2000-09 (I’m trying not to say ‘noughties’). Things have come such a long-way since 2000, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the first ever mainstream game was released with a full one-switch mode. There’s a long way to go, but in the meanwhile, let’s go, SYNSO…

10. Mushihime tama (2005 – CAVE – JAMMA coin-op): The follow up to Uo Poko, Mushihime tama is a match-three colours puzzle game for one or two players. As with Uo Poko, there is a collaborative two-player mode. Unlike Uo Poko, there are end of level big-bosses, potty infant-school-choir music and a strange woman with huge boobs. Wierd and wonderful.

9. Canabalt (2009 – Adam Atomic and Danny B – FLASH web-game): Panic-parkour game. For players with very fast reactions.

8. Gimme Friction Baby (2007 – Wouter Visser – FLASH web-game): Brilliantly simple and well-thought out Puzzle Bobble inspired game in black and white. Quite the time killer.

7. Shenmue II Darts (2001 – SEGA – Dreamcast/Xbox/Xbox 360): Highly addictive one-button mini-game of darts. You’ll need to get someone to play a fair-sized chunk of the main game in order to play darts, especially if you want to find all the different opponents, but it’s worth it. “Yeah! Let’s Darts Man!

6. Mystic Mine (2009 – Koonsolo – Windows/Mac/Linux): Brilliant multi-player fun for up to six one-switch players. Superb accessibility features include speed adjustment over the entire game.

5. SY!NSO! (2009 – Bagfull of Wrong – PC/Xbox 360): Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! and follow up Squid Harder show how bonkers-hard games can be made accessible too. Not for all players (you do need really good eye-tracking skills), but it’s so sweet to have options these days. Shoot-em-up joy. Uses a wonderful William Pilgrim 4Noah utility to add one-switch access.

4. The Way of the Empty Hand 2 (2009 – Grame’s Free Games – PC): A one or two-player martial-arts retro styled game with beautiful music and sound effects. Featuring a unique way to tailor-design your fighting technique all within a one-switch framework. I just love this game, it feels right, is huge fun, and shows all develoeprs of 2D and 3D fighting games how they could add a one-switch mode too.

3. Star Trigon (2002,2009 – Namco – JAMMA/PC/iPhone/iPod/FLASH web-game): Originally a super-obscure Japanese arcade video game, 2008 and 2009 saw Star Trigon released on more main-stream formats. The PC download features an accessibility mode that makes the entire game accessible using a single-button. An absolute first from a mainstream publisher. More please!

2. Strange Attractors 2 (2008 – Ominous Development – PC): Award winning gravity controlling game like no other (well, exluding Strange Attractors 1). Imaginative and impressive audio/visually. Suited best to players with precise switch skills and patience.

1. Aurikon (2005 – Aggressive Game Designs – PC): On the run in space with one-switch controls. Fantastic accessibility options and huge fun. Would love to see this crossed with Namco’s Star Blade and some psychotronics.

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