V.I. Tennis

Mock-up image of a grass tennis court, where all is blurred but for the two tennis players, the ball, and a small part of the net.Imagine Wii Sports Tennis in the dark, and playable, and you have VI Tennis. It’s a brilliant idea and happily, is well executed too. You’ll need one or two Wii remotes, a Bluetooth equipped PC (I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle for 99p from eBay which works fine) and the free PC download of VI Tennis.

All game play is through sound, feel and motion. I did find setting up tricky on my Windows 7 machine, but once it was, I was away. Reviewed over at the Accessible GameBase. Over at VI Fit, they also have an audio Wii-remote version of Bowling, which will hopefully be a sign of many more games to come.

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