Head shot of a young woman wearing headphones, and large wrap-a-round glasses with colourful Atari VCS style graphics in the lenses. From one of Atari's 1976 Video Music magazine adverts. is an information resource that includes:

A set of guidelines for developers who want to improve blind accessibility in their games.

An article for gamers who are blind to help them show developers how to make their games accessible to them.

Articles that give developers technical information, including code samples, to help them make their games accessible.

For gamers, it gives the technical words they need to communicate with developers at companies, big and small. It explains who to talk to, what information the developer will need, and when in the development cycle to communicate with a developer and to have the best chance of obtaining the changes that will increase accessibility.

For developers, it explains screen readers and self-voicing, and includes a blind accessibility checklist, some good example games, technical “how to’s”, and a short guide to blind etiquette.

It’s totally free and requires no registration.

The project took three months and was done at the request of and with the help of Dark, the administrator for and the leading advocate for blind gamers.

He is frequently asked by developers, “What would it take?” Now he has a place to send them, and a place to send his readers who have a game or other software program that they can “almost use”.

Although it is focused on games, much of the information is applicable to any software, not just games.

Any feedback would be helpful.”

Via: Eleanor Robinson – 7-128 Software on the IGDA GASIG mailing list.

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