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Image of a three pane Spanish comic strip titled 'Encountered Opinions'. The first pane is of a man playing Wii Bowling and reads: 'Yahoo, Another Strike! The WII is sooo cool...' - The second pane is of a man playing another Wii game and reads: Wooha, another guy to the floor... who's next? The Wii is sooo cool... - The final pane is of a man with one-arm holding a Wii remote with dangling Nun-chuk controller that he can't hold complaining, 'What? I lost again? The Wii is a crap...'I’ve just been sent some great links from Samuel Franco Dominguez to Spanish and French accessible gaming articles, some of which I thought I’d share.

Click on the image above for an English translation – although I think you might get the gist from the pictures and final word alone! Wii problems…

Spanish blog entry on Accessible Gaming (translated below):

“If you like a game but think it will be difficult or impossible to play due to paralysis in your arms or hands, tremors, loss of dexterity, amputation, smaller hands, abnormalities of birth or rheumatism, you will be interested this article. You can still play if you know how to find an appropriate controller.

So begins one of the articles that I have sent Samuel Franco Dominguez, a resident “MIR” doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He conducts his work at the Hospital Nacional de Paraplejicos de Toledo (Spain), who are interested in new technologies applied to the rehabilitation and accessibility to information technology and communication.

The article in question is about the accessibility of video games for people with physical disabilities. Listing the positive and negative effects of video games, analysis of physical barriers and presenting their solutions. This work has been published in a summary of the latest newsletter CEAPAT, but the author gives us full to share it with all of you.

Descargar artículo Videojuegos accesibles, de Samuel Franco (PDF, 4,53 MB). “

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