Retro Remakes Big Compo 2008: A Game For Helen

Image of ten year old girl Helen, smiling warmly. Text reads: A Game for Helen - Help us create a very special computer games suite for the young people of Helen and Douglas House.
Retro RemakesA Game for Helen” competition links up with the Special Effect project of the same name to bring an inclusive arcade experience to kids and young adults in the hospices Helen and Douglas House. This is especially aimed at bringing games to those who cannot play arcade type games using conventional controls due to disability.

This category of the Retro Remakes competition will be looking for entrants to create accessible updated counterparts of real or imagined arcade games from the 1920’s to date. These can include mechanical, electro-mechanical and video games. Basically – anything at all you might find in an amusement arcade through the ages.

Hopes? Eye Tracker and One Switch compatible games for PCs with some good additional accessibility features/options (more on that later). Genres? Pinball, Fortune Telling Machines, Crane Machines, Fruit Machines, Bowling games, Shooting Gallery, Horse Racing games, Whack-a-mole, Shove-a-penny, Pool, Air Hockey, Pachinko, Table Football, Atari SteepleChase for one or more players, something with big explosions in, humour… Anything!

You may ask how on earth do I create a game for Eye Trackers or for a single switch? Fear not – if you have a mouse, a left-mouse button and a space bar – you have all the hardware you need. Next? Follow these links to “Design Tips For Eye Tracker Games” and “Design Tips for One Switch Games” for more.

Extra accessibility features? “Barriers in Games: Why Can’t They Play?” still stands as a very useful guide. But really – anything you can imagine. Just don’t forget to make your game fun for as many people as you can.

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