The Importance of Customisable Controls

Image of a reconfiguration screen for changing game play controls on a Microsoft Sidewinder Joypad.

“While it’s always beneficial when games support the four standard thumbstick configurations (Default, Southpaw [left handed], Legacy* and Legacy-Southpaw, it’s also imperative to remember that full controller customization is a necessity for some.

In fact, the implementation of completely customizable controls as a standard for console games would be helpful for many. The benefits of this would not be limited to those who prefer using the alternate styles cited above – customizable controls would be valuable for all players, including those that use the Default layout, and especially for individuals who suffer from disabilities and physical impairments. “

Taken from Read the rest here. From the IGDA GASIG perspective, reconfigurable controls come very high on our wish list for almost all game types.

*A Legacy control scheme relates to the “old way” of controlling first and thirdperson shooters, as it’s the closest layout to what was offered in GoldenEye007 for the N64. Legacy controls are as follows: Left Stick: Move forward/backwards, turn/look left or right Right Stick: Strafe/side-step left or right, look up or down. Many thanks to Mike of for clearing that up for me.

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