GameGuard Shuts Down Disabled Gamers

Steve Spohn, game journalist @, has done a great job on a story about how GameGuard, an anti-hacking software used by many Asian based MMO’s use disabled technology used by the disabled gamers. The story has already been noticed by the makers of GameGuard, and they have contacted Steve to comment. Here is the opener, but please go read the rest of this very well thought out story.

The Protect GameGuard software is an anti-cheat program designed to stop botters and hackers from using illegal third-party programs, but the disabled community gets snagged in this poorly executed “take no prisoners” anti-cheating approach.

Botters and other nefarious individuals use these programs to automate tasks such as repeatable quests or killing mobs for money while away from their computer. Hackers use these programs to ruin the gameplay of others or boost themselves. Disabled gamers use legal third-party programs, such as on-screen keyboards, to assist in playing games that would be impossible to play otherwise.

Unfortunately, GameGuard does not care about the difference between illegal third-party programs designed to hurt a game and legal third-party programs designed to help gamers.

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