Electronic Soup Podcast: Audio Games

Image of bold black text that reads Special Effect Electronic Soup Podcast. A can labelled 'Game Base condensed electronic soup' is plugged into the wall off screen surrounded by two large sub-woofer speakers.The “Access Collective” is a new podcast which brings together a slew of accessibility-bods including myself representing the Accessible GameBase and OneSwitch. No surprises, we’re doing the accessible gaming bit.

This month’s item is part one of two on Audio Games. Aimed at blind and visually impaired people, I found that I also really benefitted from audio games, after getting pink-eye so badly after swimming in strong chlorine, that I couldn’t look at my monitor for a few hours.

Like many games that are highly accessible, they can be fun for all kinds of people. You’ll also hear just how far speech synthesis has come since the days of Speak and Spell. Listen on…

You can stream or download the podcast at Podbean.com and iTunes, get a transcript here and learn a little more here.

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