Call for Reconfigurable Controls for All

Image of a Phoenix Revolution controller by Radica. Out of production controller that allowed you to swap game pods such as the thumb-sticks, D-pads and face buttons.Chuck Bittner, a quadriplegic gamer, has started an on-line petition calling for reconfigurable controls for all games. In an ideal world, such a thing would be built into the fundamental design of all game consoles. Until then, game designers are wittingly or unwittingly disabling many players for want of such a simple feature.

Reconfigurable controls are something that the Accessible Gaming community at large has been calling for over many years (see this other IGDA GASIG Blog post). It’s great to see this finally getting some very broad support. When you think about the huge range of ways that people may need to play, it seems crazy that this isn’t a standard in mainstream games.

Link via: Hack a Day and Kotaku

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