Hey everyone, we’re going to be at GDC. You can check out in the GDC session builder, or see the description below.

Speaker/s: Tara Tefertiller (Pursuit of Happiness Foundation)
Day / Time / Location: Friday, 2 PM Room 230 East Mezzanine
Track / Format: Game Design / Roundtable
Description: The IGDA Game Accessibility SIG is dedicated to spreading game accessibility awareness and education, being a hub for new ideas and solutions that promote accessible game play, and providing a resource for all who are interested in the topic- gamers and developers alike. At this round table, discuss where the GA SIG should focus the energy provided by the newly elected steering committee, meet the new chair, or become a new member. We are always looking for more people and more input from all areas of the development community!
Takeaway: Attendees will meet other developers who are interested in game accessibility and be provided with an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and the latest news on the topic. The roundtable will also discuss the recent work done by the steering committee, such as revamping the SIGs web presence, and help shape the SIGs goals for the next year.
Intended Audience: Anyone who has special interests in making games accessible for any demographic, those who have their lives directly affected by the implementation or lack thereof of accessible game designs, those who are interested in usability.
Eligible Passes: Expo PassAll Access PassMain Conference Pass

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