AbleGamers Foundation at PAX

Gamers Doing Good. – How We use Games to Make Life Better for Others

PAX – Friday, March 11 · 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Panel Members:

Avery Alix, PopCap Games, Moderator
Mark Barlet, AbleGamers Foundation
Steve Spohn, AbleGamers Foundation
Ben Herz, AbleGamers Foundation
Zach Wigal, Gamers Outreach Foundation
Stefani Shea – Gamers Outreach Foundation
Christopher Frost – RadioActive Nerd
Join us at the Gamers Doing Good panel, as video game industry charities The AbleGamers Foundation (Ben, Mark & Steven) & Gamers Outreach Foundation (Stefanie & Zach) team up to discuss how games are being used to help others. We are joined by Chris from RadioActive Nerd and Avery from Popcap Games (moderator) to share how gamers themselves can combine their passion for gaming with charitable action.
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