GDC-15 Presentations for Free!

Our GDC-15 presentations are up on the GDC vault – for free!

No password needed – a big Thank You to GDC!

Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility

The first talk is a panel on game accessibility initiatives. It breaks down like this:

  •  Introduction on Game Accessibility
  •  Introduction to IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
  • Panelist highlight previous initiatives they feel were important
  • Review of a survey of gamers and what they thought would be important next steps
  •  Panelist highlight what they think should be done next
  • Questions

No More Excuses, Your Guide to Accessible Game Design

The second talk is on accessibility game design (by Tara)

  • Start with an introduction on game accessibility
  • Talk about the number of gamers with disabilities and why you should engage them
  • Review of 14 features “most bang for your buck” features to increase your accessibility
  •  Resources

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