Michelle Hinn (Our Chair Emeritus) at GDC

Speaker/s: Michelle Hinn (IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group) (Not listed as the speaker since Michelle submitted it- but I am on the roundtable)
Day / Time / Location: Thursday 9:00-10:00 Room 113, North Hall
Track / Format: Game Design / Roundtable
Description: One key issue that comes up whenever game studios include accessibility features in their games is how to announce these features so that gamers with disabilities and their friends, family, etc can easily find out this information while shopping for games. While there are a few review sites dedicated to providing the disabled gamer with this information, there has yet to be an industry-wide standard for including symbols on game boxes and in mainstream gaming websites and magazines. The purpose of this session is to discuss how such a system can be created, who would be the responsible group to approve accessibility ratings, and what design features this sort of rating system would include. Come help contribute to the discussion of an exciting new ratings system that can help even more gamers play your game!
Eligible Passes: All Access PassMain Conference Pass

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